Kerala, India, enjoys wonderfully warm weatherin December with only a little bit of rainfall. December is the official start of the dry season in the resort, a time of year without much rain or humidity and with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

In December, temperatures can reach a scorching average daytime high of 31°C. Temperatures this high can be dangerous, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and maybe even stay out of the sun in mid-afternoon. The evenings cool down to a much more pleasant average low of 23°C after sunset. Both those temperatures stay essentially constant throughout the month. The overall average temperature is a pleasant 27°C, which it actually has been since June. It will get a tiny bit warmer in January. The sea temperature is comfortably high all-year round and in December as well. It averages a warm and bath-like 29°C—even higher than the average air temperature!

The amount of rainfall drops dramatically in December. The likelihood that it will rain decreases from 20% in the beginning of the month to only 4% at the end. The total rainfall that hits the resort’s beaches this month isn’t more than 69mm, spread out over 4 days—significantly less than the 192mm and 13 days in November and the incredible 268mm and 23 days in October. December is arguably one of the best months to visit Kerala. Although the chance of rainfall is rather low, it does occasionally rain. Thunderstorms are the most likely type of rainfall, occurring on 55% of the days with precipitation. Other common types are drizzle, light rain and moderate rain, respectively happening on 19%, 17% and 9% of the rainy days. Rain, however, is nothing to worry about in December.

Cloud cover also decreases greatly in the course of the month. While the beginning of the month had 41% cloud cover, the end has 31% left. This makes December the third clearest month of the year, after January and February.

A decrease in cloud cover opens up the sky for more sunshine. A typical day in December has 7 hours of sunshine on average, one or two hours more than the previous six monsoon months.


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